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"Sound (by Richard Montes), Set (by Lacey Anzelc), and Lighting Design (by Paige Selene Luke) seamlessly integrate naturally with the historical tone of the production, appropriately reflecting and supporting the outstanding direction and performances."

-Kyra Oser, The Examiner

"Lacey Anzelc's hotel room set design, hinting at summer heat and dissipation, is deepened by light designer Paige Selene Luke."

-Lynne Heffley, The Burbank Leader

"Lacey Anzelc's unit set glows under Paige Selene Luke's mood lighting." 
-Dale Reynolds, Stage Happenings

Tennessee in the Summer

A Play by Joe Besecker

April 13th - June 10th, 2012 
The Sidewalk Studio Theatre in Burbank, CA.
Produced By: Janice Allen & Jade Puga
Directed By: Sal Romeo, Set Design By: Lacey Anzelc

"...Paige Selene Luke's Excellent Lighting Design."
-Mary Mallory, Tolucan Times


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