Paige Selene Luke

Imagofest 2011
​dir: Milton Justice, Yaitza Rivera, & Alex Aves
" a staging graced by Paige Selene Luke's intelligent lighting." 
-Bill Raden, LA Weekly
Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody
​dir: Jim Millan, ALD: Jenna Pletcher
Nominated for Best Original Lighting Design By Toronto Broadway World Awards in 2013
"Jenna Pletcher and Paige Selene Luke's lighting design uses color fantastically. Vibrant reds, deep blues, pinks, and more are all pristinely used by the designers." 
-David Clarke, Broadway World Houston
dir: Alexa Coblentz
"The well-executed multimedia design by Paige Selene Luke (lighting), Adeline Newmann & Joe LaRue (video), and Borja Sau (sound) plays nicely off of J.J. Wickham's simple, fluid set."
-Mindy Farabee,LA Weekly
Tennessee in the Summer
dir: Sal Romeo
"Lacey Anzelc's hotel room set design, hinting at summer heat and dissipation, is deepened by light designer Paige Selene Luke." 
-Lynne Heffley, The Burbank Leader

"Lacey Anzelc's unit set glows under Paige Selene Luke's mood lighting." 
-Dale Reynolds, Stage Happenings 

"...Paige Selene Luke's excellent lighting design."
​-Mary Mallory, Tolucan Times

"Sound (by Richard Montes), Set (by Lacey Anzelc), and Lighting Design (by Paige Selene Luke) seamlessly integrate naturally with the historical tone of the production, appropriately reflecting and supporting the outstanding direction and performances."
-Kyra Oser, The Examiner​

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